J.M. Grimstad Resources

Fluid Power Maintenance And Troubleshooting Info.

Hydraulic System Troubleshooting Guide

This comprehensive and easy to use guide for troubleshooting hydraulic systems offers both a condensed and expanded set of tables that show "trouble" - "cause" - "remedy".  Please note that while this guide addresses many common problems, causes and remedies, some hydraulic system issues are more complicated and may require expert diagnosis.

Hydraulic System Initial Start-Up And Maintenance

This four page guide outlines basic hydraulic system start-up and maintenance tasks in paragraph and table formats.  Please note that many systems operate in environments or contain components that have other maintenance and/or start-up requirements.

Engineering Downloads And Tools

Hose Pressure Drop Calculator

This handy hose pressure drop calculator takes the manual work out of calculating your application's pressure drops.  The Excel format spreadsheet allows you to customize your fluid and system specifications and allows for up to three sections of hose to be calculated in the same circuit.

Convert Conversion Software

Convert is a free unit conversion application from www.joshmadison.com.  This powerful software allows you to convert many units including distance, temperature, volume, time, speed, mass, power, density, pressure, energy and more.  The application also allows you to create your own custom conversions.

convertsetup.exe convertsetup.exe - (779.54kB)

Solution Brochures

Electrical Panel Solutions

Document outlining J.M. Grimstad's Electrical Panel Solutions

JMG-EP.pdf JMG-EP.pdf - (754.08kB)

Hydraulic Power Unit Solutions

Document outlining J.M. Grimstad's Hydraulic Power Unit Solutions

JMG-HPU.pdf JMG-HPU.pdf - (1280.35kB)

Custom Manifold Solutions

Document outlining J.M. Grimstad's Custom Manifold Solutions

JMG-CM.pdf JMG-CM.pdf - (2045.96kB)